• At the Junior School level, we focus on the development of oral as well as written expression, creative writing, critical thinking and mathematical skills. With this focus, we send weekly Journal prompts in English, Math and Hindi. Critical thinking is encouraged through various thinking skill activities. The subjects formally introduced at this level are English, Hindi, Math, International And CBSE Primary Curriculum, Computer Science, Art & Craft, Physical Education, Science (Grade 5), III Language Sanskrit/French (introduced in grade 5), Robotics and Online Paragon Curriculum
  • The teaching-learning process at this level is interactive and conscious effort is made to integrate subjects, thus helping children to move from the known and explore the unknown. We believe that learning is the most important event in our school and we want children to enjoy the new dimensional learning process via International Primary Curriculum.


  • Learning becomes more formal with diversification of subjects — Science into Biology, Physics & Chemistry, Mathematics into Algebra, Geometry & Arithmetic, Social Studies into History, Civics, Geography, and Disaster Management & Economics. We also offer a choice between Sanskrit/ French/Hindi as II Language in Grade 9. At this stage we follow the CBSE prescribed syllabus. Smart Class modules, group work, group discussions, interaction, experimentation, project work, dramatization, power point presentations are the tools used to facilitate the teaching — learning process at Senior School level.


Important Points :

  • CCE will cover the scholastic and co scholastic areas of school education.
  • The two types of assessment referred to in the circular are formative and summative. The periodicity of the two types of assessment are four and twice a year respectively.
  • Formative Assessment totals to 40% weightage.
  • Summative Assessment totals to 60% weightage.
  • There are nine grades in Part A of Scholastic assessment and Part B of the same assessment has five grades.
  • Summative assessment covers non academic areas like attitudes and skills and there are three grades
  • If a student secures Grade 6 in the academic areas his/her marks would range from 51% to 60%.
  • CCE advocates absolute grading. This means that Grade 9 would imply an A2 grade.
  • The academic term will be divided into two terms.